Passport to Language

We deliver highly engaging Spanish, French and Mandarin classes and language immersion summer camps to kids in a lively, encouraging learning environment.

Our dynamic classes incorporate original music, dance, games, storytelling and more to keep kids immersed and engaged in their target language. With our experienced and fluent teachers, kids follow the adventures of the "Lango Kids", our multicultural cast of characters who appear in our original workbooks, songs, and other learning materials. Students learn through a series of activities — "adventures" that mimic those of the Lango Kids.

We believe that kids learn best when every sense is involved in learning a language – not just listening and speaking. Lango’s unique curriculum incorporates moving, singing, dancing, playacting, and creative problem solving to help kids absorb their new language in a completely natural way. To the children, the classes are fun and exciting, but parents will appreciate the different methods being used to enhance language development.